Read a Book

With the learning interruptions this term due to covid, the students have been utilizing the library space more and more to catch up on homework and assessments in both the research room and ICT suite.

A friendly reminder all books have a two-week loan period.  If students have not finished their book and wish to continue to read it, bring the book back and the librarians can reissue it.

Congratulations to Y9 Sela Saili of Hobson house for winning the last double movie pass for the Read a book competition.

Read a book extended the competition to all Houses and Hobson House took 1st place.

Hobson House must have the most avid readers in the school.  Congratulations Ms Toleafoa and your prefects for encouraging your Hobson students to take part, great job.

We have some exciting things planned for next term:  Writers Festival, Language week begins.

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