Weekly Study Planner

All senior students have been asked to complete a weekly study plan.  Write out a study plan or weekly sheet.  Set up a 20-30 minute study period with 10 minute breaks.  Make allowances for sports training and one or two favourite activities each week (e.g. a TV programme).  Learn to say NO to distractions.  Ensure each 20-30 minute study session is focused… Read More

Artist of the Week – Emosi Fameitau

This week’s Artwork of the Week Award goes to Emosi Fameitau in Year 13. Although Emosi is doing Level 3 Art, he has never done Art in the Senior years. He has worked hard to catch-up and is working on a series of hand-painting engravings of fantastical creatures. Emosi’s playful humour and love of vivid colour is seen in the beautiful work below. … Read More

Prevention of Measles

PREVENTION OF MEASLES SICKNESS AND SPREAD TO OTHERS  We have measles in our community. Middlemore Hospital has opened a whole ward for children with measles.  Measles is:  * A serious infection with runny nose, sore eyes, cough, high fever, and then a rash.  * It can cause really serious sickness like meningitis –inflammation of the brain.  *It… Read More

Under 17 Girls Basketball

On Tuesday 13th of August our U17 Girls Basketball were amongst the top 6 teams in Auckland to qualify and compete at the Auckland Secondary Schools Basketball Championship this year.  The girls played against teams from all over Greater Auckland, like Carmel Girls College and Auckland Girls Grammar.  Although the results did not go our way… Read More