2019 PWC Scholarship Winner – Lavelua-Polosa Tatafu

 Lavelua-Polosa Tatafu won the 2019 PwC Scholarship and was invited to attend the 2019 PwC Scholarship Award Celebration with her parents at PwC Auckland Office on 23 September. PwC Scholarship programme started in 2004, which has supported over 250 students in their higher education in the 15 years it has been running. In this year, winners will get $7,000 towards the university… Read More

Student Representative to the Board of Trustees – Results

OTAHUHU COLLEGE BOARD OF TRUSTEES  ELECTION OF STUDENT REPRESENTATIVE  SEPTEMBER 2019  Aneeq Khan                                                         26  Ilmarie Kazakevics                                              40  Talha Khan                                                          50  Triyash Chetty                                                     93  Caroline Tuuau                                                  201  Caroline Tuuau is therefore declared duly elected. … Read More

Teach for All – Asia Pacific Regional Alumni

Last week Ms Ruwhiu Toms, Head of Maori Department, was privileged to be a part of the Asia Pacific Alumni Gathering in Kuala Lumpur.  This was a teachers conference shared with over 100 participants from 11 countries including the Phillipines, Nepal, Japan and India. It  was a space to share experiences, hear inspiration and learn tools for best practice. Spending 3 days surrounded by like minded people aiming to come up with solutions to inequity within schools was an amazing experience. There were skill building sessions, reflections and collaborations which lead to a lot of learning, understanding and acknowledgement of each others culture. This trip was an amazing experience and opened my eyes to the world. It also served as a reminder of how lucky we are in New Zealand in terms of education. … Read More