Maths Department

The mathematics department will be working online from the 15th April. Teachers will upload work weekly for students, with work broken down into daily tasks. This is to help students manage their workloads and work at times that is most convenient for you and your families. Work will be uploaded to either Education Perfect or… Read More

Junior Visual Art Students

Important Reminders For Year 9 and 10 Visual Arts Students: Three activities will be posted weekly on Microsoft Teams. Students will be expected to complete these activities by the end of the week. Lastly the Teachers from the Art Department send warmest wishes to our students and their families. If parents or caregivers have concerns,… Read More

Health Centre Availability of Staff

Hope everyone is well and staying home!  NURSES: The school nurses can be contacted on Ph: 0211994072 (school term + holidays) and 0211991609 (school term time). OR email: or PSYCHOLOGIST: Students who were offered the psychologist must check their emails on Kamar. You will be given an appointment time to log onto a… Read More

Flu Vaccinations

Influenza immunisation is still recommended and FREE for people who are most likely to get very sick, be hospitalised or even die if they catch influenza. This won’t stop you getting Covid but will mean you don’t get the normal flu as well as Covid and end up seriously sick These people are: Pregnant women… Read More