Health and Wellness News

In the last couple of weeks, we’ve noticed more students coming to the Health Centre with headaches.   One of the main causes of headaches is dehydration. The water fountains are available for use again throughout the school, so as the weather warms up let’s drink more water.  Research has shown that even mild dehydration can affect your memory and mood in… Read More

Year 13 Biology – Human Revolution

Year 13 Biology students enjoyed a workshop hosted by the Auckland War Memorial Museum on Human Evolution this week.  The students got a close-up look at replica skulls from the museum’s human evolution collection and examined their diagnostic features. The students were challenged to identify biological changes that have taken place over time and to cite scientific evidence. They were also asked to… Read More

Te Ringa Toi Maori Secondary Schools Art Exhibition (Part 2)

Afghan brothers take first and second place at the Ringa Toi Student Exhibition Mahdi and Ali Hussaini are two young former refugees from war-torn Afghanistan. Their brothers first encounter with whakairo, Maori carving, was at a museum, and they were fascinated. The brothers said, whakairo was something totally new to them and were surprised to… Read More