Pink Shirt Day – 21 May 2021

“Pink Shirt Day” was a great opportunity for the student health council to promote anti bullying at school. The theme was about  creating a caring and  inclusive school community by using positive, respectful words. The activity was about choosing affirming fords for ourselves and also compliment and appreciation cards to give away. Of course the… Read More

Years 12 & 13 Physical Education

Our year 12 and 13 Physical Education classes are fortunate to have be given the opportunity to participate in F45 training thanks to an ex Otahuhu College student, Doug Ah-Poe. The cardio and resistance work outs link with the students 4 credit assessment on designing, implementing and evaluating a personal performance improvement programme…. Read More

Geography Level 2

The Level 2 Geography class had a lot of fun on their fieldtrip last week visiting Queen Street in the CBD, Ellerslie and Manurewa to assess land use. They particularly enjoyed seeing the Sky Tower and visiting a couple of cool parks in the city center. Students were able to gather excellent data, which they… Read More

Geography Level 3

The Level 3 Geography class thoroughly enjoyed their fieldtrip to Muriwai and Eastern Beach to compare the conditions and features of both beaches. Students loved the scenery of Muriwai Beach and the tranquility of Eastern Beach. Students were able to gather excellent data, which they will now use to write up their reports…. Read More

Senior Boys Soccer

Otahuhu senior boys soccer played Wesley College on Thursday. They started off very well with a great ball in from Muzzimal and a first time goalie from Zulfikar securing the first goal. Wesley then fought back and had a couple attempts at goal. After a half time talk the boys went out to secure the… Read More

Year 13 Chemistry Field Trip

From Mr Vijay: On the 19th of May 2021, the Level 3 Chemistry learners visited the Waihi Gold Mine. The learners had the opportunity to explore the mining operation at Waihi and talk to a Metallurgist who supported their learning and understanding of the chemical processes behind gold mining. A particular highlight of the trip… Read More