Junior School – Years 9 & 10

This week’s message is especially for the kids: 

Dear Kōtuku, 

How is your bubble going? Mine is pretty good. I think my kids are ready to ‘divorce’ me though. They say I talk to too much and that I am too bossy when it comes to school work. You already know that though 😊  

know you have been doing your best to attemptcomplete and hand work in. It has been difficult for some of our students (and you may be one of them) who have not had access to a proper device.  Thank you for waiting patiently. We are doing our best to get devices or hard copies of work to as many students as possibleRemember though, if you do not have a computer but you can access your school email account, simply keep a record of learning in your exercise book and email your teacher when you can. Your teachers really look forward to hearing from you and they really care about how you are getting on with your learning.  

Thank you for being strong and committed to your education.  I ask that you continue to work hard and give everything a go. This is an opportunity for you to spend time improving your work ethic, learning how to be more independent, focusing on the things you need to improve and developing your time management.  

I am extremely proud of each and every student.  You remind me of our whakataukīyou know the one, He Kōtuku Rerenga Tahi – the white heron’s flight is but once. This part of your flight is precious to your learning.  Therefore, use this as an opportunity to be like Tamatane. Remember his flight as a Kōtuku? And the things he learned from that flight? Then, when he returned to his village he had gained new skills, discipline and respect for himself and the values of his people. 

Kia Tamatane! Kia Tamatane! Kia Tamatane! Kia Tamatane! 



Mrs Va’aelua  

Deputy Principal