The year 9A/B girls were fortunate to experience Wushu for two of their recent Physical Education lessons. Wushu means “Chinese martial arts” and it is used for self-discipline of the body and mind. The important elements include flexibility, speed, coordination, presentation and precision. Wushu has a lot of benefits such as getting stronger physically, and… Read More

Weekly Study Planner

All senior students have been asked to complete a weekly study plan.  Write out a study plan or weekly sheet.  Set up a 20-30 minute study period with 10 minute breaks.  Make allowances for sports training and one or two favourite activities each week (e.g. a TV programme).  Learn to say NO to distractions.  Ensure each 20-30 minute study session is focused… Read More

Poetry Week

 On Thursday we welcomed the South Auckland Poet’s Collective into school to conduct workshops with the students. The students were able to explore themselves through expression and creativity of language, some even finding the courage to perform poetry, freshly written, to their peers! Mr Turner has been challenging our students in whanau to create collective short poems… Read More