Artist of the Week – Emosi Fameitau

This week’s Artwork of the Week Award goes to Emosi Fameitau in Year 13. Although Emosi is doing Level 3 Art, he has never done Art in the Senior years. He has worked hard to catch-up and is working on a series of hand-painting engravings of fantastical creatures. Emosi’s playful humour and love of vivid colour is seen in the beautiful work below. … Read More

Prevention of Measles

PREVENTION OF MEASLES SICKNESS AND SPREAD TO OTHERS  We have measles in our community. Middlemore Hospital has opened a whole ward for children with measles.  Measles is:  * A serious infection with runny nose, sore eyes, cough, high fever, and then a rash.  * It can cause really serious sickness like meningitis –inflammation of the brain.  *It… Read More