Covid 19 and Learning from Home

Expectations for Students


1 The first priority for learning from home during lockdown is to maintain connections with your teacher and your class. Make sure you email your teachers and take part in the online lessons.
2 Teams is the platform for delivering Remote Learning. Links to other programmes will be placed in Teams. During school time you need to become familiar with Microsoft teams.
3 A weekly overview of the work will be provided to you by each teacher.
4 You should  check your school emails daily when the school is in operation, to help prepare them for any future lock down.
5 School work during lockdown will be different. You need to complete the work set, any work done during lockdown will be used as evidence for current or future assessments.
6 Normal timetabled teaching will occur on the first time  and the last time you have the class each week. This will be timed as per the regular school timetable. For example Monday Period 1 at 9:10am. Your first and last class of the week will include 20 minutes of  face to face video meeting via Teams
7 If you are utilizing hard materials (Junior Education Packs or similar) then you will still  be taught face to face at least twice per week
8 Assessments

During a lockdown the clock stops on any assessment due dates.

Wherever possible teaching pivots to work where students can do small bite size chunks to be used to provide evidence towards meeting some of the criteria of the standard.

No assessments will be due in the first week back from lockdown. This allows for a week to gauge where students are at and time for more of them to return. Any due date the following week will be based on the day teachers have that class period 3 in order to spread the assessment pressure.

For assessment work which is done in part during lockdown then the following is acceptable:

1/. The original completed task

2/. Completion of small bite size chunks of work which provides evidence the standard has been met.

3/. Any combination of the original task and small bite size chunks of evidence..