CoVid 19 (Coronavirus)

So far, we have no spread of this illness in our community.  Only cases related to those who have come in from overseas.  

However, we need to be prepared just in case the worst happens. The Director General of Health is encouraging all New Zealanders to stay home from work or school if sick with flu like illness. 

Please can you keep your children home if they are sick with coughs, cold, fever. We have been asked by the Ministry of Health to send all students home who come to school sick. I know how difficult this can be for some families, but it is to protect our whole community. 

Please teach your children and whanau to:  

1) Cough into their elbow 

2) To frequently wash their hands with soap and water, particularly before eating. 

The students have been learning about this at whanau time. Check out what they have learned! Perhaps they can teach younger brothers and sisters.