Our debating season reached a very satisfying end this week, with both teams achieving wins against Tangaroa College and Sancta Maria College.  It has been very pleasing to watch each team’s speakers gradually gain confidence, improve their preparation technique, and build greater detail into their arguments.  The teams have also become increasingly invested in debating as the year has progressed, and some students have been challenging themselves by taking a leadership role in managing the composition of teams and their attendance at practices.  We would like to thank De La Salle College for hosting the debates this year and welcoming us into their school environment.

Looking ahead to next season, I am excited about the world of possibilities for expanding debating further at Otahuhu College in 2022.  Next term, we will look to begin training eager Year 9s and Year 10s who would be keen to debate next year.  I would love to hear from any students who are interested!

– Mr Hart