Defence Experience Day

July Holidays- DEFENCE EXPERIENCE DAY –  Navy 

Two Otahuhu College students were accepted at very short notice, for the Navy DED. This highlights how important it is for students to complete their Career Action Plans in detail so they can be offered opportunities like this. Year 13 and Year 12 students if you are now disappointed you were not offered a chance to attend this, please advise Ms Cusack if you have an interest in Defence (Army, Navy or Airforce (free Pilot training on selection!!) as there is likely to be at least one more opportunity this year. Osee Ms Cusack if you wish to add more detail about your interests to your submitted Career Action Plan. 

 Seitu Marsters 13/S8 and Toafa Samuelu 12/S9 (left of this photo) are shown in front of the new NZ frigate Aotearoa at the Devonport Navy Base.