Encourage your children to Read

The studies are endless regarding the impact reading can have on a child’s development. There are strong correlations between reading for pleasure and learning skills, such as increased vocabulary, stronger cognitive development, and a greater ability to concentrate. Social-emotional skills of empathy and social interactions are also enhanced through reading for enjoyment.

The 2010 PISA data found that students who read more than once a week after the age of 10 generally scored 16 points higher on Maths, spelling, and vocabulary. And one correlation in 2011 found that people who read for pleasure outside of school were more likely to have managerial and professional jobs in later life.

So, with a long break ahead the more our students can read for their own pleasure during this time, the more they can set themselves up for academic success during the term. And pleasure is just that. Some students will want to escape into a novel, others will read an autobiography of their favourite sportsman, and others will want to pick up a magazine. It all counts.