English Department

Students have returned to class with great focus and enthusiasm for term 3. The focus being demonstrated in the English classrooms is wonderful to see as we begin to prepare students for NCEA external exams. There are some deadlines for NCEA assessments coming up. Please support us in ensuring students complete assessments and meet deadlines by checking in with their completion and encouraging them to our English Help Centre. You can find the times for the Help Centre and deadlines approaching below. 


ENV1U  1.11 Close viewing – 3 credits 

(Assessment extension due to lockdown) 

Friday 31st July 

(No further extensions will be offered) 

ENL2U  2.8 Research – 4 credits  Wednesday 29th July 
2.4 Writing Portfolio – 6 credits  Friday 7th August 
ENV3U  3.8 Research – 4 UE Reading credits  Friday 14th August 
ENL3U  3.7 Connections – 4 credits  Friday 14th August 



All students are welcome to attend for support with their English and assessments 

Ms Norgate – A1 

Mr Hart – A2 

Mrs Uys – A4 

Ms Hibbs – A8 

Ms Devi – M7 

Mr Martin – M8 

Ms Norgate – A1 

Ms Garrett – A3 

Ms Duynhoven – A5 

Mr Osbourne – A7