English Department

Junior English

This week, Year 9 and 10 have their speech assessment week. They will be presenting a written and rehearsed speech to their entire class. Please ensure your son/daughter is prepared by practicing this with them at home in front of the whanau. The Year 10 students have an opportunity to obtain 3 NCEA credits for their speech! Good luck to our juniors!


Senior English

Our Level 1 students have been working incredibly hard this week in order to obtain 4 NCEA Credits for their Connections assessments. They have returned with great focus after a very disruptive period in their learning. Well done Level 1!


We begin to move into an external writing practice phase at the Senior school. Our efforts are currently being put into ensuring students are prepared for their mock exams during Week 2 of Term 4. Students will be able to practice writing paragraphs as homework and will have focused essay writing tasks set for them over the school holidays to ensure they are prepared. Please support us by discussing this work with your son/daughter.