English News

The English department would like to welcome back all of our students to Term 2. We have been impressed by the engagement this week and many students are now back and working hard on their assignments. Please encourage your son/daughter to engage with class work and check that their work is being completed.  

How to access support – The teachers are hard at work behind their computers, offering support between the hours of 8am and 3pm to all of their students. Any questions students or whanau may have about work, please feel free to email the relevant English teacher. If there are any concerns in regard to the work which needs to be completed oassignments, then please email Ms Norgate (HoD) on enorgate@otahuhucollege.school.nz. 

NCEA assessments – Level 1 and Level 2 NCEA students all have assessment deadlines and checkpoints due on Monday 20th April for English. These deadlines have been extended considerably due to the current situation. We are aware of differing circumstances and situations our students will currently be facing, be it device issues or access. All of this will be taken into account in regard to assessment of work. Please do not worry. Any concerns regarding assessments or deadlines, please contact Ms Norgate at the above email address.