English Department

The students have worked exceedingly hard in the English department over the past two weeks, catching up on work which they were behind on through the lockdown period. Assessment deadlines and course programmes have been adjusted as a result of the disruption and we will keep you posted through this newsletter of approaching deadlines and changes. This week we return to a little normality with new teaching being delivered and assessment deadlines approaching. Please find below assessment deadlines for Term 2 in line with each senior English programme: 

Course Assessment Deadline 
ENV1U Create a visual text = 3 credits Thursday 2nd July 
ENL1U Creative writing = 3 credits Thursday 2nd July 


Connections = 4 credits Tuesday 16th June 
Close viewing further assessment = 3 credits Thursday 2nd July 
ENV3U Connections = 4 credits Friday 12th June 
ENL3U Research = 4 UE credits Friday 12th June 


English Help Centre 

For the remainder of this term, additional catch up and support sessions in English will occur for senior school classes on the day when their teacher sees them as a period 5 class. If a student is behind in their learning, due to a lack of completion during the lockdown period, these sessions are compulsory to support the student in getting caught up with their English studies. Additional support beyond this is at the teacher’s discretion. 

If you have any concerns, or if you would like to discuss your son/daughter’s English studies, please contact Ms Norgate at enorgate@otahuhucollege.school.nz (Head of English)