English Department

The English department would like to thank our whanau and community for the support they have shown to the students during this term, both online and offline. The students have worked very hard and it is clear we are all ready for a well-deserved rest. 

Coming up in Term 3 

  • In Week 5 of Term 3 the department will be hosting Poetry Week across school, with visiting artists to work with our students and writing competitions intended to continue to instill passion for writing and reading in our students. 
  • Towards the end of term, we will be hosting the Year 9 Speech competition and we will invite all the families of those involved in to celebrate our Year 9 achievement. 
  • Year 10 students will have their first opportunity to obtain Level 1 NCEA English credits through delivery of a speech in their classes. 
  • The English department help centre will continue in term 3 and we will continue to keep you informed and updated via the newsletter of up and coming deadlines.