English Department Senior School Studies

Each weekday morning, prior to 10am, every English teacher will send out a message to the class with the lesson instructions for the day and the work to be completed. This lesson work will not exceed more than 1 hour of study time, unless a student wishes to spend more focus on their studies or in the case of assessment work. It is important that students engage with this work daily in order to remain on track with their studies. Teachers will be available online between the teaching hours of 9am and 3pm to support students in their work. Support outside of these times is at the individual teacher’s discretion.

At the senior school (Year 11, 12 and 13), assessments are currently taking place and so students must continue their work in this area and communicate with their teacher via email, Teams chat and in using feedback and comments provided online to support their work completion. If parents/caregivers have any concerns or questions about their child’s English work and studies, please contact the student’s classroom teacher on the relevant email or email me at enorgate@otahuhucollege.school.nz (Ms Norgate, Head of English).

All Level 1 and Level 2 assessments are due for completion and submission on Monday 20th April. This has been awarded a much-extended deadline.