Exercise Book Expectations

At Otahuhu College, we believe it is important that every student takes pride in the presentation and overall organisation of their work. Student’s classwork is an indication of their progress and our school values.  

We will check your exercise book regularly and will be clear about what work you need to improve. Student work is a record of learning and progress over time which demonstrates their attitude to learning in and out of school.    

  • Make sure every piece of work has an underlined title and date. 
  • Underline all headings with a ruler. 
  • Write in blue or black pen. 
  • Always draw with a pencil (tables, graphs and diagrams) and write with a pen. 
  • Complete neat work at the front – rough work at the back of the exercise book. 
  • Avoid graffiti and doodling on your books and folders. Do not rip out any pages. 
  • Your exercise books must be available for every lesson. 
  • Take pride in your work.