Health and Physical Education

On Friday 6th August a group of year 12 Physical Education students departed for an event called Tough Guy Tough Gal as part of their 4 credit achievement standard. This event consisted of a 6km run through the countryside hills, muddy terrain and obstacles in Helensville, which included over 300 participants from other schools.
On arrival we were met with a warm welcome, showered by the classic rain and hail which made our day more memorable. Our students were roaring to go as they were filled with anticipation on their minds, and water in their shoes before the start of the run. Throughout the course the students had shown a great deal of enjoyment as they climbed up slippery surfaces, slid down banks, crawled under wires, jumped over walls, and getting stuck in the mud while losing a few pairs of shoes. Seeing our students cross the finishing line and witnessing their faces of self-accomplishment, self-confidence and worth was the highlight of the day.
We are extremely impressed and proud of our students which represented Otahuhu College with a high standard.
Kia Tamatane!

Mr Luteru & Mr Ridgeway