Health and Wellness Centre – Benefits of Drinking Water

The Ministries of Education and Health are encouraging all schools to become sugary drink free.

At Otahuhu we care about the health and achievement of our students. It is great news that our school has made the decision to go water only drinks at school.

Water will be the only beverage sold in our school tuckshop and whilst the students are at school they are not to consume sugary drinks.

This is a health initiative that’s backed by evidence from medical, education and dental authorities.

GOOD NEWS:  Drinking more water will improve your mood, concentration and memory …. Boosts brain power

Schools that have removed sugary drinks and become water only have seen that it benefits teaching and learning as well as student health and wellbeing.

“We have hydrated children; their brains are working because they are properly hydrated. Children drinking water regularly are alert and energetic.”
 – Staff at Fairhaven School, Te Puke

Some ideas that can help support your child to be healthy from potential health problems caused by excess sugar are:

  • Provide a drink bottle so our students can fill it up during the day
  • Fill drink bottles with plain tap water
  • Be a positive role model and continue to drink water
  • Limit fizzy drinks to special occasions or as a treat once in the weekend. It takes 40 min of fast exercise to burn off the sugar in 1 can of fizzy, otherwise it’s stored as fat

Throughout Term 3 we’ll provide other ideas that support better health and help prevent issues such as type 2 diabetes