Health and Wellness Centre

Welcome to the Otahuhu College Health and Wellness Centre

We provide a range of free health and social services to our students. Students can self-refer to any of our services, just walk in and ask our friendly receptionist.

Our team consists of

  • 4 nurses
  • 1 doctor (part time)
  • 2 social workers
  • 2 psychologists (part time)
  • 2 receptionists
  • 2 physiotherapist (part time)

We work in conjunction with services outside of school, to provide a holistic health approach to our students. These services include:

  • Rheumatic nurses
  • Mighty mouth dental services
  • Asthma bus
  • District/ public nurses
  • Stand up

Our values include:

  • Safe and caring environment
  • Respect, support and trust
  • Empowerment to our students
  • Promoting health knowledge

These values allow us to provide support to our students and their families to achieve the best possible health outcomes.