Junior School (Year 9-10)

Junior English

For the last two weeks, year 9’s have been reading poetry and practicing writing some of their own. We have had some amazing poems written by many students. It is really pleasing to see how the students are accepting the power of words to speak of their experiences in life. One poem that really touched me is of a boy who speaks of his struggles through poetry.

Today I don’t want to be different

My ADHD is worsening.

I wear a mask to seem happy.

My counsellor tells me I might have anxiety.

I almost feel to all the new issues and new experiences.

Having to eat pills everyday just to seem normal and to sleep.

A constant night of bad thoughts and emotions.

Negative thoughts, family court, foster care, suicide,

What’s happening to me?

Family deaths, mothers arrest, is this all just a test?

How long until all this pain is just put to rest?

Today, I don’t want to be different.

By: Tarun Rishabh (9RY)