Junior Speech Competition Winner

On Tuesday 4th September, we held our Annual Junior Speech Competition. We welcomed the contestant’s families into the school and in front of them, the Year 9 cohort and a selected panel of judges, the competition was held. The students had been selected based on their success within their Speech Assessments in class. The winning eight students took to the stage for their voices to be heard on issues such as global warming, bullying, smoking and self-identity. The judges were incredibly impressed by the standard set at this year’s competition and placing was close.

The winners of the 2018 Annual Junior Speech Competition

1st Place this year was awarded to, the ever so confident, Val Asomua from 9E. Her speech encompassed discussion into her passion for being a lawyer and her self-identity. Val was awarded the Junior Speech Competition Trophy.

2nd Place – Te Ako Witehera (9B)

Joint 3rd Place –  Faimafili Tavita (9C), Velyanah Tanielu (9B) and Ricky-Lee Tupou (9H)

Congratulations to all of our winners and to all who entered.