Library News – Term 2

Term 2 is here whanau and the library hub have a couple of challenges you can take part in with your family 📚 

👉🏽 Read a book a week – Jump on our challenge and be in to win shopping vouchers. Winners will be drawn every three weeks of term. 

What to do:
Read a book a week
Fill in book details – Title of book, author, dates you read the book, brief summary (approx. 100 words) of what the book is about, your favorite character and if you would recommend the book and why. Send entries to RABAW challenge 


-It is a blitz event 5 minutes + 3 seconds
-7 rounds
-You form part of either a Junior (Sharp) or Wise (Adult/coaches) team
-1000+ rated Junior players to join the event
-Australia will also be playing 

Sharp vs Wise Invitational Blitz 

Sharp vs Wise Invitational Blitz is an exciting TEAM event in which juniors play against adults/coaches!   The Sharp players are the juniors, 18 or under and the Wise players are the adults. 

This Sunday 19 April 

7:00 PM – 9:00 PM 

 The four teams below will take part: 

NZ SHARP, NZ WISE, AUSSIE SHARP & AUSSIE For audio & video, join here: