Library News – Read a Book

Read a book a week challenge  

Don’t forget to take part in our Read a book a week comp.  A challenge for our whole school community to take part and share about books you have read.  Check out our library app for more details!dashboard 

 Term 1 winner Stella Vaifale won house points for Hobson house and a family pass to the movies.   

 Here’s Stella’s book review, an example of what is expected J 

 Book title:  Telesa (Book 1) 

Author:  Lani Wendt Young 

Fav character:  Leila Folger 

Why? – Leila’s my favorite character because she’s funny and she never gives up when she wants to do something.  She cares about her family and always tries to do what is right.  She protects the people she loves.   

Tell us about the book:  Telesa is about a girl named Leila Folger that goes to Samoa, in search of a place to belong to, to learn more about her mother that no one ever talks about.  It’s a novel that talks about love and how Leila discovers powers she never knew existed within her. It is a really good fiction book and I recommend it for people who would like to learn about Samoa and enjoy reading dystopian stories with Pasifika characters.