Please help us congratulate the following Y9 and Y10 Mathex students who entered the year-long South Auckland maths competition.  The last tournament was held 28th & 29th October at the Barfoot & Thompson building and amongst the competition were our neighbours McAuley High School and Kings College.   

The team was made up of groups of 4 students, they are given 30 minutes to solve 20 math problems, each correct answer was worth 5 points each.  The group to finish first and accumulated a total of 100 points, won.  The venue was packed with students, teachers and special mention to our whanau who came out in droves to support their children – you rock. 

 During the competition, the students accumulated a prize kitty of $340. 

 Thank you to our amazing participants: 

Valentino Dawson                                Jeddiah– Ta’laa Galuvao 

Daeton-G Gear                                     Karleen Gueho 

Albert Hafu                                            David Huang  

Rozel Iakopo                                         Rozaria Iakopo 

Tuna Lavulavu                                      Elizabeth Mortenson 

Kenyah-Rose Ofaengaue                     Nathan Paul 

Jacob Paul                                              Cyprus Tairea 

Chaibleam Tauti                                    George Tivoli 

Makiroa Tuakeu-Tutaka                       Lagimaina Tuluga 

David Vailala                                          Richard Fineisaloi 

Samantha Stephens