Microsoft Office Specialist Championship

This event involved students having a chance to practice on some of the questions, one customized practical test, and one Microsoft Office Specialist Exam. All of the scores on these days will go towards the National Qualifier Round where the New Zealand representatives will be selected. On the 28th May 2017 the highest scores (based exclusively on score and then time) from around New Zealand (Including Regional Open Showcase Scores) will be calculated and top participants will be invited to compete in Auckland, NZ in the National Final.

Otahuhu College submitted two students, Joshua Kemp and Nidya Nand, to this programme and they thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Joshua Kemp, without any form of preparation for this championship, did really, really well and came out with a final total score of 82% in Word 2016. Unfortunately for Joshua, the top six students in NZ is only taken from those who score above 90%. If only Joshua did some preparation, he could have scored 95% or more easily. There were three schools in Event which as Otahuhu College, Kelston Boys and Westlake Girls where Avondale College hosted their own team remotely from their DT Classroom.