Auckland Writers Festival

Year 12 students and librarians made a trip to the Auckland Writer’s Festival. The students were lucky enough to open their morning participating in the interactive presentation given by Akala which focused on Hip Hop Shakespeare. The incredible Akala wowed the students with his historical knowledge of the rap industry and applied the same skill and rhythm… Read More

Buttabean Boot Camp

To all Parents, Caregivers and the community, you are all invited to the Buttabean Boot Camp. Otahuhu College is running a Buttabean Boot Camp every Tuesday and Thursday morning from 7am – 8am in the school gym. This is run by Buttabean himself he is promoting a healthy lifestyle with focus on nutrition, mind set,… Read More

University of Auckland – Pacific Academy

The University of Auckland Pacific Academy launched at Otahuhu College. This programme aims to improve academic outcomes of students, particularly in maths, while supporting the development of core literacy skills within a Pasifika cultural setting and a framework of personal and leadership development. Selected senior pupils will have two-hour fortnightly Academy sessions run at our… Read More