The Hospitality students have had two functions this week to cater for. They get a sense of what the industry is like everyday. For the function at the pavilion, the students were there before sunrise.      Year 13 students preparing morning tea for the teachers…. Read More

Physical Education

As part of their assessment, the year 13 Sports Academy class has been studying Contemporary leadership principles and are required to apply these different principles through coaching other classes. Below are some photos of students in 13SPA demonstrating their chosen leadership principles.  … Read More

Science update

The year 11s have started their new topic, selected elements and to start off with they were tested on their prior knowledge of the atomic structure. The students’ memory and creativity was very impressive! Some of the student even decided to create a 3D model, like Shania Prakash and Jennifer Benjamin. Here are just a few of the atom… Read More

ENGLISH Help Centre

For our senior students these will continue to run for the rest of term 2 on the day when they have English as their Period 5 class. If a student is behind in an assessment, these catch up sessions will be compulsory unless they have a pass from the dean or Ms Norgate. Juniors are welcome to attend… Read More

ENGLISH Department

Level 3 English – A big congratulations to all of our Level 3 English students who have worked so hard over recent weeks to catch up and submit their assignments on time. Today is a big assessment deadline for them and we wish them luck in their up and coming results and achievement.   Level 2 Visual English – All Level 2… Read More


The following winter sports teams are in training preparation for winter sports seasons to begin.  Y9A – Y10A Netball – Saturday 20th June  Senior Boys Basketball – Tuesday 23rd June  Senior Girls Basketball – Tuesday 23rd June  Senior Boys Soccer – Wednesday 24th June  Senior Girls Soccer – Wednesday 24th June  Junior Boys Soccer – Wednesday 24th June  All Rugby Boys – Saturday 27th June  All Netball Teams… Read More


New STEM Navigator  Are you interested in Science, Technology, Engineering or Maths? Stop by the Science block (the ground floor office) and meet Ms Fleming, the new STEM Navigator. She will be running STEM programs, organizing activities and trips, and is available to meet with any student (and their whānau) who would like to discuss study and career options in STEM fields.   Mad Science Program  Year 9 and 10 students are invited to… Read More

Science News – Physics

Monster truck physics practical investigation. The level two physics students were doing an experiment to see if the mass of a monster truck would impact the up and down movement of the trucks. They used different masses and places them on the spring and measured the period of the spring pendulum. What they found was that the larger… Read More