Planning Ahead

We have been working on plans for any future lockdown. A key aspect of this is having our students more familiar with Microsoft Teams and checking their school emails daily. We will be sending out more information to students by email.

With the end of the wage subsidy, there is increasing pressure on many families. Otahuhu College has many ways we have available to support our families in making sure their children get the education they deserve. Dr Byron Seiuli, a member of the Pasifika Medical Association (PMA) , says leaving school for Pacific students may a short-term solution during the pandemic but may not help their families in the long term. “Research has shown that those who drop out of school to help their families do not overcome the income barrier they initially face. Instead this behaviour perpetuates the cycle and it does not get any better for the student or their families,” he says. “Many Pacific families have already sacrificed a lot to get their children through higher education so they can be in better paid employment and provide them with improved economic independence. Once students leave school to work, they get set into a routine and it becomes harder to return to studies.” If you need help or assistance in getting your child back to school please contact the College.