A common denominator for success in schools, is the ability to read broadly and deeply. Reading is at the very heart of our students’ success at school.  

An ability to read deeply and broadly provides the reader with an opportunity to learn anything he or she desires, allows for freedom of thought, and can instil a greater sense of curiosity about the world. It is curiosity that engages our students, as curious minds not only ask questions, but also seek answers, and are deeply intrigued by subject matter. It was curiosity that led Columbus across the Atlantic, Armstrong to land on the moon and Newton to discover the laws of Physics. Reading is our first opportunity to teach ourselves to learn, which is an important disposition to maintain, as lifelong learning is requisite for success in any pursuit.  

As a proud educational institution, our focus is for students to enjoy their learning experience at Otahuhu Collegeso much so, that they leave with a passion for lifelong learning. Continuous reading allows for continuing education. One of the greatest gifts a parent can give to their child, which is guaranteed to enhance their education and future prospects, is the ability to develop early reading habits and instil the notion of reading for pleasure.