Senior Management

Neil Watson - Principal

Mr Watson was appointed Principal in 2013. He started his teaching career in 1993 and was Principal of Waiheke High School from 2007 to 2013 as well as serving as an executive member of the Auckland Secondary Schools Principals Association. He is a successful classroom teacher and educational leader with a strong background in developing academic success for all students. He has a Bachelor of Arts and a Masters of Educational Leadership and Management. Mr Watson has also coached rowing at an international level.

Kris Ngau Chun - Operations Manager

Mrs Ngau Chun has been the Operations Manager since 2014. Her varied role encompasses Finance, Property, IT, HR and Health and Safety. She is a qualified ESOL teacher and managed schools in the private sector before moving to Otahuhu College. She is experienced in Educational leadership and skilled in Operational Management. Mrs Ngau Chun is passionate about ensuring that the school runs smoothly so that students can learn at their full potential.

Stuart Roberts - Deputy Principal

Mr Roberts was appointed Deputy Principal in 2016. He started his teaching career in 1998 and has worked in the college since 2002. He is an experienced teacher with a passion for Sport, Health and Physical Education. He gained a Master of Educational Leadership, with Distinction, in 2015. He is skilled in academic mentoring, pastoral care, student engagement, team building and education outside the classroom. An enthusiastic professional, Mr Roberts believes in the importance of maintaining and establishing school traditions and ensuring that, as our school grows, there is meaningful collaboration between people and technology.

Moana Va'aelua - Deputy Principal Junior School

Mrs Va'aelua was appointed Assistant Principal in 2015, then upgraded to Deputy Principal in 2016.

Moana returns in the role of Deputy Principal with the responsibility for the Junior School. She started her teaching career at Otahuhu College in 2003 teaching Social Studies. She has so much to offer and took on the roles as a House Leader and Year 10 Dean. She also worked as the Community and Whanau Liaison and have completed a number of relevant tasks.She always has the schools best interest at heart and is enthusiastic about the direction Otahuhu College is taking in regards to attendance and academic achievements.

Ruth Stretton - Deputy Principal Senior School

Mrs Stretton was appointed Deputy Principal in 2017. She has been with Otahuhu College for 14 years and has filled many roles within the school. She is an experienced classroom teacher and is constantly active in the school’s extracurricular programmes and in the greater Otahuhu community. She is a skilled mediator who believes in involving student’s family to better facilitate learning. Mrs Stretton continually works to uphold the proud traditions and culture of Otahuhu College.