School Tuckshop

The school tuckshop will open on Tuesday 19 May, therefore all students will need to bring in their own lunch for Monday 18 May. 


For Level 2 the tuckshop menu has been heavily reduced to allow for faster service, which should ensure queues are managed as quickly as possible.  The menu will be the same for all schools managed by Deejays and they will be offering only a few choices daily to the students, again with the intention of speeding up the service. 

The tuckshop intend to rotate the offerings to give some variety to the students and will display the daily options on a whiteboard or similar. 


The tuckshop will operate with 2 x staff and 2 x open windows/serving counters.  One staff member will only take the food order and payment and the other staff member will compile the order and place it on the counter for the student to pick up. 

We will be offering EFTPOS, with the pay wave facility and we will accept cash.  Our plan to only have 1 x staff member manage payments mitigates any perceived risk with handling cash. 

The decision to only have 2 x Deejays staff operate the tuckshop is so payment and food handling procedures can be followed.