Science News Update

The science department will he holding tutorials regularly from next week onwards for all science classes. The aim of these tutorials is to try and catch students up with the course and to practice exam style questions to prepare student for the mid and end of year exams. These tutorials will be from 
3-4pm on the day that they have their science/biology/chemistry/physics class period 5. For some year 12 and 13 students, this might mean they will have multiple tutorials. 

 Tutorial schedule – for some course we have multiple classes so please note they will only need to go to the tutorial with their teacher: 

NCEA Level (Yr) Monday  Tuesday  Wednesday Thursday Friday
Level 1 (Yr 11) SCIIU – HAR SCI1U – SWZ SCI1U – KRB
Level 2 (Yr 12) PHY2U – WLT PHY2U CHE2U – TMU BIO2U – HAR BIO2U – SWZ
Level 3 (Yr 13)


SCI1C and SCA2C only do internal assessments so they will only have tutorials a couple of sessions before their internal assessments. Mrs. Jacobs will inform the students when these tutorials will be, and it will be put into the newsletter 


SCI1C has been working hard for their preparation of their first internal assessment – rates of reaction. Here is what they have done so far: 


Students are looking at how surface area can impact the rate of reaction. In other words, the larger the surface area the faster the foam will rise up the measuring cylinder.