Senior School (Years 11 – 13) – updated 3 April 2020

Day 9 of Lockdown and I hope everyone is well and staying safe.

I would like to congratulate our Senior students who have already started their online learning. I hope you are enjoying your holiday even though it is vital that we all STAY HOME so we can break the spread of this deadly disease Covid-19.

As Senior students you may be leaders in your family as you are at school and have responsibilities to look after younger siblings and elder family members. Although we love them dearly, it can become challenging especially during these times. During Term 1 you have displayed these qualities. Many of you have shown leadership skills through your Polyfest Groups where you have committed yourselves to practices and helped Juniors and Tutors with their routines. You have shown the same commitment with taking assemblies, sports teams and other co-curriculum activities. You have shown kindness and tolerance during the Christchurch Terror attacks in 2019 when we visited our Mosque during their Friday Prayers. These are the moments where I have seen our Senior students thrive and have been very proud to be a member of Otahuhu College.

Reiterating what has already been said above if you need extra help then please contact us at or phone 09 963 4006 and we will do the best we can.

BE PATIENT, BE KIND, BE SAFE but most importantly, enjoy the HOLIDAYS



Kia Tamatane,

Ruth Stretton – Deputy Principal Senior School