Senior Visual Art Students

Important reminders to Senior Visual Art Students:

  1. You should be doing a minimum of 1 hour every day of art.
  2. You should be linked onto Microsoft Teams. From next week, daily posts will be uploaded to keep you motivated and inspired.
  3. You are encouraged to make daily contact with your art teacher, asking for feedback on your progress.
  4. If you did not manage to get materials and equipment, you may draw instead of painting.
  5. There is a file loaded on Microsoft Teams for ideas on how to make art without regular art materials.
  6. You should aim to do at least 1 A5 artwork a week.
  7. Engagement grades will be entered daily on Kamar from next week.
  8. If you score badly on your engagement grade for the week, your dean will contact your parents.

Lastly the Teachers from the Art Department send warmest wishes to our students and their families. If parents or caregivers have concerns, please contact the relevant teacher or Mrs Pitcher