Social Science Department

It is very positive to see the engagement from our students with the online distance learning. Just need to get into the routine and with a little discipline and commitment, you will be able to get a lot done.  

TIP – If you are a morning person like some of us teachers, why don’t you do all your work in the morning session when you are active and concentration levels are high. Leaving you free to do what you want from midday onwards.  But get the work done first. Also, get your 7 hours sleep would help too 😊  


Your subject teacher has set up Office 365 teams so you can update your progress.


Online learning tasks for Social Studies are done on a weekly basis.

You need to check your emails daily for your tasks each day.

Teachers have set up your Office 365 TEAMS.

Remember to SHARE your work with your teacher. This will go towards your engagement grade.