Sugar in Schools Research

Last week the year 10s participated in the MOKO fructose study. The purpose of this study is to help us understand if being a high sugar absorber contributes to the development preventable diseases earlier in life. This is an interactive study that the students do on themselves with guidance from young Māori and Pacifica researchers. The night before students had to fast from 8pm onwards and then has a high sugar concentrated solution in the morning. After 15 minutes they measure their hydrogen in their breath.  This was done by using a breathalyser (like an alcohol breathalyser) which calculates the amount of hydrogen in our breath. This allowed them to figure out if they were absorbers or non-absorbers of fructose. As the students tested their breath periodically, the researchers explained how sugar is absorbed in our bodies and how high sugar diets can impact their future health. At the end of the study they all had breakfast together. Now the students are going to do their own research on the impact of fructose and present it as posters on our science night which is the 4th of December.