Student Representative to the Board of Trustees

We are in the process of electing a new student representative to the board of trustees.  Each candidate has written a statement as to “Why they should be elected to the board of trustees. They are Talha Khan, Triyash Chetty, Aneeq Khan, Ilmarie Kazakevics and Caroline Tuuau.

Talha Khan – Year 12, Seddon 2

As student representative, I Talha Khan believe that I can help students in achieving their goals by speaking and supporting them.  I believe that failure is not permanent and the only reason we fall is so we can learn to pick ourselves up.  I believe that I can create a strong environment for students to study and revolve around.

My code of honor always pushes me to help people out and therefore I want to say that I want to put in better than best effort into helping and evolving the school and its’ students into becoming better.  I will stand up not only for the welfare of the students, but also ensure a smoother transitioning for the junior students as they approach senior years.  I will also effectively work with teachers to make sure effective learning is happening too.

Triyash Chetty – Year 11, Hobson 2

Definition of a Student Representative: Your Voice.

My name is Triyash Chetty, I am a Peace Ambassador, leader of the Youth Health Council and leader of the debating team.  I am also a member of the Robotics Club and a Librarian.

Otahuhu College is a great school, but let us make it better.  You want a student rep who can articulate the views of the student body.  I have been in this school for 3 years and that is enough time for me to see all the possible improvements that we could make better.  Attendance is a big issue and I hope to push to get school buses for you.  The lack of a proper tuck shop is another issue, let me push for an up to date covered cafeteria.

I want your voice to be heard. I want to be your voice. I want to be your student representative.  IF YOU VOTE ME, YOU VOTE FOR CHANGE.

Ilmarie Kazakevics – Year 10, Massy 10

The reason why I want to take the role as Student Representative is because; I want my fellow peers’ voices to be heard.  Currently our perspective is not normally taken into consideration, as it should be.

If I were to be elected, I will make sure my determination and strong will benefits the strength and effectiveness of my peers’ voices.  They will be able to walk around with pride and a feeling of absolute importance to this community, if I were to be Student Representative.

Aneeq Khan – Year 11, Hobson 2

My name is Aneeq Khan a Year 11 student who hopes to one-day study Neurology.  I am a Peer Mediator, Peace Ambassador, and Librarian and with the Robotics team.

Why you should vote for me?  Because I have represented Otahuhu College on previous occasions, such as the 2017 and 2018 Peace Ambassador at the Peace Symposium, at multiple EOTC events for the Youth Health Council, and the Year 11 Leadership Camp.  I will do my best to incorporate student ideas to get the best outcome.  Therefore, if I were voted I would undoubtedly improve aspects of the school while listening to your ideas and opinions to improve your day-to-day life at school more enjoyable.  I believe having good leadership skills would make me the ideal candidate as Student Representative.  Together we can make a change.

Caroline Tuuau – Year 12, Massey 8

My name is Caroline Tuuau and the reason why I am applying for student representative is that I have a lot to say about our school.  I know that I am one of many students who have a lot to say about the school.  However, if I were elected as student representative, I would bring forth all the complaints and issues that student have concerning the school’s system, environment, and expectations.

I feel that I am very open-minded and will be open to reasoning.  I am a very honest person who will share my honest thought and give you critical feedback on claims you may have.

I am a very reliable person and if you want your issues to be confidential, you can find that with me.  I am genuinely applying for the better of this school.  I feel that there can be huge improvements made in to our school environment, and the education system, and what the school expects of us students.  There can be a change in this school, and if you vote for me, I would ensure there is change.