Student Support (Pastoral Care)

Otahuhu College recognises the need for guidance so a comprehensive network of pastoral care is in place to assist students and families with any problems.

New students are placed into Whanau Groups within a House. Students remain with their House for the duration, as they progress through the year groups. It is the Whanau Teacher in the first instance that students can refer to for personal help or guidance. If the Whanau Teacher is unable to resolve an issue or believes further assistance is necessary, students will be referred to the Year Level Dean for further guidance or assistance.

Two guidance counsellors are available each day for more serious or personal matters where advice is needed. They are responsible, willing to listen and skilled in helping to sort out difficulties.

The Careers Department gives specialised advice about careers opportunities and relevant qualifications.

A Peer Mediation system operates in the College, which trains students in mediation and conflict resolution; enabling them to help resolve student problems should they arise.