Weekly Study Planner

All senior students have been asked to complete a weekly study plan. 

  1. Write out a study plan or weekly sheet. 
  2. Set up a 20-30 minute study period with 10 minute breaks. 
  3. Make allowances for sports training and one or two favourite activities each week (e.g. a TV programme).  Learn to say NO to distractions. 
  4. Ensure each 20-30 minute study session is focused on a specific topic. 
  5. Especially focus on topics/work you do not know. 
  6. Pin study plan where you can see it. 
  7. For Seniors they should start studying for the externals by 1 September.  
  8. For Juniors Term 4 is the time to start for end of year exams. 
  9. An example is below: