Year 10 Lea faka-Tonga

Mālō e leleiFakafeta’i kia Sihova ‘i he’ene tauhi ‘ofa ‘oku fai ki hotau mo’ui 

All praise and glory to the Heavenly Father for the opportunities provided for our students.  

On Monday the 2nd of September, the year 10 Lea faka-Tonga class, along with Tongan Librarians, were fortunate to be given the opportunity to experience Lea faka-Tonga week at the University of Auckland.  

The Faculty of Arts, University of Auckland had put together an event for high school students to experience the likes of being Tongan at a prominent institution. Students were very lucky to attend and received wisdom from the Academic Linguist of lea faka-Tonga, Dr. Melenaite Taumoefolau. 

All students were very thankful to the organizers of this event and to staff who participated in arranging this trip. They had learnt the significance of lea faka-Tonga at Tertiary level but also understand how fortunate they are, to study the language lea faka-Tonga, at Otahuhu College.