Year 9 Speech Competition

On Tuesday, September 24, seven Year 9 students competed in the annual Speech Competition. One student from each class was selected by their teachers and peers for their well-crafted and presented speech that they delivered to their class in Week 9. Each of the seven competing students presented their speech to a hall full of their peers, teachers and whanau. It was an incredibly tight competition, with topics about bullying, self-identity, racism and soccer all being covered. In the end ‘Otufangawalu Noa was crowned the winner for his incredibly well-spoken speech about bullying. Coming in very closely in second place was Lagimaina Tulaga, and in third place was Tyra Tofilau 

Those students who were selected to speak in the competition were:  

9A – Lagimaina Tulaga, 9B – Tyra Tofilau, 9C – ‘Ana Maka 

9D – ‘Otufangavalu Noa, 9E – To’o Fulutusi, 9F – Hope Iakopo, 9G – Kunaal Datt 

They should all be very proud of what they achieved.