Hey Everyone, 

 Free Online Tutorials – Year 12 & 13 Students! 

We recognise that these last few weeks have been difficult across the education sector. The transition to remote learning has been challenging for both staff and students, particularly those in creative subjects. Yoobee Colleges has been working hard behind the scenes to create a free and fun weekly experience that students can tune into.  

What are these tutorials? 

These weekly tutorials are free, fun and accessible to all students. They will vary from week to week and will contain step-by-step tutorials, demonstrations, how-tos and much more. They will require next to no equipment to follow along,  and will explore a vast number of different creative genres. These workshops will last roughly half an hour starting at 4pm every Friday. 

 NEXT Friday’s tutorial will be How to Guide for Game Design. Students can either follow along or simply watch the tutor over a live stream. Students will be able to interact and chat with the tutor via text chat. 

Upcoming tutorials and dates; 

  • Friday 8th May – Digital Painting – Landscape Design (TODAY) 
  • Friday 15th May – How to Guide – Game Design 
  • Friday 22nd May – How to Guide – 3D Animation 

How do students join these tutorials? 

Students who wish to be involved would need to Join our: 

 Yoobee Colleges – Remote Learning Holiday Programmes page. This will be found on Facebook. Once they have been accepted, tutorials will be run via a live stream.