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A common denominator for success in schools, is the ability to read broadly and deeply.

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Visual Arts
Well done to all or Level 1, 2 and 3 students who completed their first internal assessment and

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Important Notice

We finally made it to Level 1- we did so well.  However, we still could go backwards and the rules about what to do when you are sick haven’t yet changed. Stay home!  If your child has a cough or sore throat or cold symptoms or shortness of breath or loss of smell or fever they must stay home.   Students with these symptoms will need a Covid test. Ring your family doctor or go to the drive through at South Seas carpark behind the Otara Town Centre. It is free.  If students come to school sick we are required to send them home. We will give sick students a mask to wear while they wait to go home. They will need to stay 2m away from other people at school. This is to reduce the risk of transmitting symptoms to other students.   Students with known hay fever or asthma triggered by exercise can come to school  As always you must contact the school if your child is away sick. Free call: Ph 080046824848.   Let’s keep everyone safe. 

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July 2020

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