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Important Notice

Year 11, 12 and 13 students have Exams throughout next week. It is important that students take these exams seriously – study hard, try their very best and attempt all questions. The results gained will give a good indication of what improvements are required for the NCEA external exams that begin in the middle of November.

Health and Wellness Centre

This week we are sending out information to the Year 13 students who still need immunisations. So, if you get a letter from the Health Centre it is because you have missed one of your MMR, HPV or Boostrix vaccinations.  Please go to your family doctor to get caught up with your vaccinations. It is free and will keep you and your family safe.

Planning Ahead

In the unlikely event that a student is diagnosed with Covid 19, we will inform our families by text, email and online. Students will be released to go home at the end of the current period. The school will then be closed for 72 hours for deep cleaning. In the event of a positive test, all parents of close contacts will receive a letter outlining what to do next. If you do not receive a close contact letter shortly, your child can attend school as normal. Please be reassured that the chance of close contacts developing the illness is small, and the risk is even smaller for everyone else at school at the same time as the person with COVID-19. With a 72 hour closure of school, online learning will not occur.

Junior College

During the first week of the holidays we will be running a Junior College. There will be classes that range in topic which all support our Junior Students. Each day will start at 9am and finish at 3pm. On Friday 2nd October at 2pm there will be a showing of the students work over the week that parents are welcome to attend. If you have any other children at home who are year 8 students, who would be interested in the programme, they are welcome to join us for the week.Emails have been sent out as have paper copies. Any questions to