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Otahuhu College values academic study and we expect all our students to excel, but our view of education celebrates the creative, sporting and cultural and the intellectual.

As students progress through our College they thrive on the opportunities available to them. No one activity dominates and students find achievement and friendship in many different ways. Taking up some of the many opportunities available is a key part of being a student at Otahuhu College.

There are personal successes to be gained at many levels. Some students will draw as much satisfaction from participation in House events, for example, as others do in our premier College teams. Taking part in the many activities and the challenges they present offers great satisfaction in itself, and by pushing to excel, students develop values and character which helps them and our community.


Otahuhu College opened in 1931 as the Otahuhu Junior High School, catering for forms one to three students. In 1933, it became known as the Otahuhu Technical High School, with a capacity to cater for students through to senior levels of study. In 1947, it was renamed Otahuhu College.

Since 1931 Otahuhu College has challenged and inspired our students to excel. Otahuhu College is widely respected for its strong academic, sporting and cultural achievements and it is proud of its continuing links with the community of South Auckland.


The Houses have a proud tradition after being established in 1932. The four houses are: Grey, Hobson, Massey and Seddon,and students both current and former strongly identify with their House. Spirited competition takes place amongst our four houses in contests which include Haka Waiata, Athletics and a range of other activities.

If a new student has family links with a House, it is likely they will be placed there. Otherwise new students are spread randomly through the different Houses, where their particular talents are welcomed.

School Values

Our Commitment as a College and as a community is to develop fine young men and women. We base our behavioural expectations on the following four commitments:

Being respectful

Being engaged in their learning

Being supportive of eachother

Being on time

What this means and what it looks like is outlines in more details in the attached pdf

Behavior Matrix

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