University Entrance

Gaining University Entrance

Otahuhu College is committed to having more and more of our students go on to degree level study at Universities both here in New Zealand and overseas.

The minimum requirement to get into university is:

  • 10 Level One Numeracy credits
  • 5 Level Two Reading credits and 5 Level Two writing credits
  • 60 credits at Level Three
  • Most importantly 14 Level Three credits in three university approved subjects

To get into the best courses and to do well at University then your child needs to:

  • Do well in the external exams
  • Have 80 credits in university approved subjects
  • Gain wherever possible Merit and Excellence grades
  • Every assessment counts, remember the key is to get 80 credits in university approved subjects.
  • Working hard to get Merits is important, your child should be able to explain to you what they need to do to get Merit.

How can we help our children to get there?

  • Otahuhu College will be running tutorials before and after school and also during the holidays
  • Nearly all our students need to work on improving their vocabulary and writing, Otahuhu College will run some extra classes to help.
  • Study is very important. We recommend thirty minutes a day for each 3U subject every day.
  • How well your child does will come down to the externals, every exam is important.

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